How to Sell on an Etsy Shop: Slime Market, SEO, Coupons & Other Hacks.

As an olive wood crafter, I have started my Etsy shop a few months ago. And surprisingly, using the seven following tips, I got sales. That’s why I really think that an Etsy shop can be the best starting point for any artisan.

To become an effective Etsy seller, you have to prepare a marketing strategy. But, act small in the beginning and try just the most effective techniques that can draw traffic & conversions. These are some of the most recommended hacks that I found reliable.

Etsy hack #1: Make Eye-catching Photos

If your products are small, I would suggest investing in a lightbox. In fact, purchasing or creating a LED light box is a great way to get nice, clean and bright photos at any time of the day.

Try to keep your backgrounds simple. White is a popular choice on Etsy, and for a good reason: it lets your products shine in the spotlight.

DIY Light Box: the best way to make nice photos

Etsy hack #2: Choose Good Titles

SEO relies on your title to determine which keyword phrases you should rank for.  This means that you should fill your title with as many keywords as possible. And to make sure that these keywords are readable, separate them with commas, dashes, slashes or the pipe symbol. Keep in mind that the first keywords are the most important.

Etsy hack #3: Give Coupons on Every Special Occasion

Never forget to make coupons and special offers on Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, labor day…The shop advisor will remind you of these commercial occasions. So, give attention to every email you receive from Etsy.

Etsy hack #4: Collect Positive Reviews              

Every month, send to your recent customers a message to ask for a positive review. Shops with good reviews are highly ranked & admired. In marketing, we call that social proof.

Etsy hack #5: Follow & Thank your Admirers

When some user favorites your shop or one of your listings, this means he/she is a potential buyer. So, send him/her a thank you message to encourage him/her to visit back your shop.

Etsy hack #6: Start a Blog

Blogging is a good way to have a lot of sustainable traffic. But, it needs time, effort and especially good content. To simplify this, I recommend you to post monthly articles about your niche market. Always try to share interesting stories or helpful tricks.

Regular blogging helps your shop get visitors.

Etsy hack #7: Pin Weekly.

Pinners are buyers. So, Pinterest is the most effective marketing channel for shop owners. Every week, pin an attractive vertical visual, with a pertinent description and trending hashtags, in one of your most viewed boards. The perfect time to post on Pinterest is 8-11 pm, especially on Saturdays. You can also run original ads using both Pinterest and Slime Market to have huge sales.

Because pinners are buyers, don’t forget to pin.

Dear reader, please take a look at my shop. Maybe, you will find something as useful as this post.

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